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Kokopelli with walking stickThe purpose of the VOICE Program is to encourage colleagues of people with disabilities (PwD) to identify themselves as allies. These allies then work toward creating work environments that are more welcoming, inclusive and supportive.

VOICES Program - Kokopelli with walking stick, thought bubbleWatch the Prezi that’s winning hearts and minds as it makes the compelling business case for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

When people with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities can make their voices heard and contribute to their highest potential, employers benefit, too.

When Deb was the Chief Diversity Officer at Merck, she worked closely with the Employee Resource Group for colleagues with disabilities and their allies. The group conceived the VOICE acronym in 2008, which stands for:

Value perceptions
Obtain perspective
Inspire trust
Challenge conventional thinking
Encourage accommodation requests

The VOICE program can be integrated into any workplace. It consists of four pillars:

  • Inclusive Communication
  • Workplace Accommodation
  • Training and Education
  • Regulatory Compliance.

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What they're saying

  • “Deb’s depth of thinking about all the issues/challenges of our profession, blending with her high degree of tolerance for all people, and ability to meet them where they are, in their intellectual space is rare. Deb is our force, our special package of visionary, program executive, strategist and cultural diplomat.”

    Ted Childs, Ted Childs, LLC