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Why Organizations Need the VOICE Ally Program

Most companies have non-discrimination policies and encourage people with disabilities (PwD) to identify themselves and request accommodations. Unfortunately, the reality is that most people who have disabilities, even visible ones, choose not to discuss their situations at work.

Certain non-apparent disabilities are particularly difficult for people to disclose, such as depression, anxiety disorders, dyslexia, attention deficit, traumatic brain injury, heart conditions, diabetes and hearing loss. According to research conducted at Cornell University, the primary reasons for this lack of disclosure include fears of:

  • Loss of employment (or job offer)The Need VOICE letters artistic rendition
  • Exaggerated focus on the disability
  • Limitations in career opportunities
  • Different treatment

The belief that they must actively conceal their disabilities—and anything in their personal life that might reveal them—leaves many PwD feeling invisible or alone at work. The VOICE program helps create a welcoming and inclusive environment where employees can channel all of their energy into their work, rather than wasting any of it trying to hide and compensate for their disability without support.

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What they're saying

  • “Since 1993, [she] has been  instrumental in assisting  on our Global Diversity Council to gain tools and insights that have given them and their companies a strong advantage in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive business environment. Likewise, [her] work in the field of diversity and inclusion is and always has been pre-eminent and impactful.”

    Jonathan Spector, President and CEO The Conference Board