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Here are just a few examples of Deb at work.

The VOICE Program
A preview of the 30-­‐minute training video that accompanies the VOICE Program.



U.S. Senate Full Committee Hearing – Lessons from the Field: Learning From What Works for Employment for Persons with Disabilities (starts at 1:00)

Deb testifying at Senate HELP Committee hearingEmbracing Changing Global Demographics

Reflecting The Global Marketplace In Strategic Planning

“Medicine Is For People” Mindset As Competitive Advantage

By Serving Others, We Are All Served (And Start Of Q&A)

Asked And Answered: Being A CDO With Disability

HR.Com LEAD 2015 Keynote re: Finding and Using Your Power & Privilege

The VOICE Program
The Prezi that’s winning hearts and minds as it makes the compelling business case for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace.

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What they're saying

  • “Deb’s depth of thinking about all the issues/challenges of our profession, blending with her high degree of tolerance for all people, and ability to meet them where they are, in their intellectual space is rare. Deb is our force, our special package of visionary, program executive, strategist and cultural diplomat.”

    Ted Childs, Ted Childs, LLC